Bodegas Sierra de Guara was founded in 1997 with the aim of creating Wines which reflect all our character and express the uniqueness of the terroir and natural environment, the Sierra de Guara Mountains. In order to achieve it, the winery was superbly equipped with cutting edge winemaking technologies at all stages through the whole winemaking process from the arrival of grapes at the winery to vacuum-bottling. All of it under the control of our dynamic team.

The contrast between cold winters (because of the influence of high mountains) and hot and dry summers in our area (with high thermal difference in summer between the day and the night) is a key factor determining the good state of our vineyards through the year and also the quality of our Wines. The Wines of Bodegas Sierra de Guara keep the heritage of the Bordeaux winemakers who established in the Aragón area of the Pyrenees after the phyllosera epidemic.

Thanks to our environment and microclimate, our vineyards, hardly require any treatments because they keep healthy through all year. This is one of the reasons why we are highly committed with our natural environment and why we make a sustainable and environmentally responsible agriculture. Our vineyards are in the last year to becoming organic and we are already certified to make organic wines. End of 2015 we shall release our first organic wine.

"Through Bodegas Sierra de Guara we aim at spreading that passion for wine to all who open a bottle of any of our Wines."

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Our vineyards around the winery extend to 54 hectares. At an altitude of 550 metres they benefit from the Mediterranean winds which contribute to the healthy estate of the vines. Vines are wire-trained and average yearly rainfall is 500 mm.
Soil is mainly dark-chalky, low fertility, with a high lime-level, scant clay and a good permeability.



Wine arouses passion wherever a bottle is opened. We all are seduced by the charm and mystery of wine at some time. And precisely at that time we started to glimpse Bodegas Sierra de Guara. Through Bodegas Sierra de Guara we aim at spreading that passion for wine to all who open a bottle of any of our Wines. We have always believed that hard work together with attention to detail is necessary to achieve a unique result. And we believed that it was possible to find a perfect marriage between progress and environment. And we found it: it is in every glass of any of our wines.



We are proud of all our team who are behind our wines and thanks to them the efforts of Bodegas Sierra are worth it.
We try to contribute our part to extend the culture of wine and transmit how good wine is and to make known the potential of these lands.

Our wines


Idrias are single variety or blended Wines, unoaked or oaked, from Chardonnay, Merlot, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. They are elegant original wines.


Evohe are Wines from native varieties in Aragón. They are single variety and unoaked wines which show the maximum expression of their terroir. They are wines of excellence and difference.

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